What is the role of anchor equipment in ship operation

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The role of anchor equipment in ship operation:

Drag anchor brake, reduce stroke

In the process of ship control, the speed control is a very important link.The anchor equipment operation is when a ship is moored to a quay or moored to a buoy or shore, due to the slow speed of the ship and poor rudder efficiency, anchors can be used to control the speed ideally and bring the ship close to the berth.When fast astern is still unable to avoid collision or grounding accident, anchor can be used to restrain the inertia of the ship and make emergency braking.

customized anchor

customized marine anchor

Anchor equipment operation when the harbor navigation in poor visibility or high density of ships, can be prepared for anchor navigation.Double anchors are dropped when necessary to control ship speed and reduce stroke.Or in the use of astern, in order to avoid the bow deflection too much, anchoring to cooperate, can get a good effect, especially in the berthing control, anchoring brake and berthing control bow, is the most commonly used function of anchor.

boat galvanized folding anchor

pull anchor to berth

When towing an anchor, it is also used for braking to reduce the stroke. In addition, under the influence of external conditions or in the rudder of a motor vehicle, it is also used to control the speed of rotation of the bow and stern of the ship.

When the ship is caught in a strong wind, anchor equipment operation can be cast out in time except the transverse distance should be opened before reaching the berth.For example, during the southeast wind season from April to June in Hong Kong, when the rudder is swung and the required Angle is maintained to enter the berth, once the car is stopped, the anchor chain is inclined to the outside gear rear due to the inertia of the ship, which can prevent the ship from rushing forward and the speed of approaching the wharf.

hot dipped boat power anchor

 turn and berthing

For downstream entry into port, if the waters near the berth are limited, anchoring is usually adopted to reduce the turning area of the ship.The main maneuvers are as follows: put the ship near the berth, control the ship's speed, and put the inside rudder;When the center line of the ship is about 30° with the current, the inner side anchor is dropped, and the chain length is usually about 2 times of the water depth.When the bow is close to the top flow, the anchor can be lifted and the ship can turn around.

2.4 pull the anchor backward

It is very difficult for a ship to stabilize her bow when she is going backward without the help of a tug.To enable the vessel to exit from the narrow waters of the harbour to safe waters.

In a still water port, the ship's stern is first removed from the berth, and the transverse wind is strong, but the water area is limited, the ship's bow is often anchored, so as to reduce the influence of wind and stabilize the ship's retreat and departure process.The method also avoids two u-turns by retreating to the control of the water under the top flow condition

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