Six points about boat anchoring operation

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What are the six points operation of the boat anchor ?

(I) the head current and the head wind shall be the principle, and the boat anchor operation speed shall be kept safe, that is, theboat anchor  speed of slow forward or backward (for the ground).

(2) left and right boat anchor shall be used in rotation: the anchor chain is stored in the anchor chain bin for a long time, which is easy to rust and become brittle, thus reducing the service life of the anchor chain.

(3) when anchoring in heavy waves, the bottom of the ship shall be deep enough to prevent the ship from touching the bottom in the waves.Anchoring in shallow water should prevent the boat anchor from touching the bottom of the ship.When the depth of the bottom of the ship is less than 1 meter, do not take emergency anchoring.(cheer 9 broke boat anchor in temporary anchorage at low tide, because the water depth was not enough to cause the accident of anchor and hook bottom.)

(4) when anchoring in an unexpected anchorage or when the weather may become bad, it is not appropriate to overhaul the main engine, etc., so as not to be used in an emergency.

(5) maintain safe anchoring speed: due to improper operation of the ship, it often happens that the brake belt of the windlass is burnt out and fails or the anchor chain is broken. The main key is that the ship speed is not well controlled.Anchoring safety residual speed refers to the actual speed of the ship before anchoring (ship's speed in water + velocity), which will not be caused by the failure of the anchor chain in case of braking or dragging the boat anchor stuck bottom.

(6) when there are many anchoring vessels in the anchorage, it is advisable to cast boat anchor downwind of another vessel, or to make a u-turn downstream if necessary.

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