What is the boat anchor

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What is the boat anchor ?

The throwing mode of the boat anchor  is a common method of anchorage, the process is: the ship to anchor chain or cable links thrown into the water on the ground, and make it in the grave, the boat anchor holding power and the bottom consolidation, fasten the ship firmly stay at a predetermined position, according to the different bodies of water, weather conditions, and job requirements, the windlass of the stroke method is different, the commonly used methods have hands windlass , windlass , and fore and aft windlass .Bow anchor , there are cast single anchor and two anchor .The stern anchorage is mostly used for river boats and landing craft.If you want to keep the ship at anchor  to the side of the ship and to the wind, you can anchor head and stern.

boat anchor


Rod anchor: boat anchor with a bar is a rod anchor.This type of boat anchor is characterized by an anchor claw embedded in the soil. When the boat anchor is towed on the bottom of the sea, the crossbar can prevent the anchor claw from tipping and play a stabilizing role.There are US N anchor, Single anchor and Japanese anchor, etc.

Rodless anchor: a rodless anchor is a two-fluke anchor that has no crossbar and whose anchor claws can rotate.This kind of anchor is characterized by good stability, strong adaptability to various kinds of soil and convenient collection when two claws are embedded in the soil.The poleless anchor has developed rapidly from the first generation to the third generation.The commonly used poleless anchors mainly include hall anchor and spek type anchor


Large grasping force boat anchor is actually a kind of rod-rotating grasping force anchor, which is called large grasping force boat anchor because of its large grasping weight ratio.The characteristic of this kind of boat anchor is: anchor claw embedded soil area is big, the bottom that holds is deep and much, grip force is very big, but anchor claw is easy to pull bad, collect inconvenient.The anchor with large holding force includes danforth anchor and speedboat anchor.

customized anchor

Special anchor : special anchor's shape and use are different from common boat anchor.It mainly refers to the permanent mooring anchor for the use of container, storehouse and dock.Ice anchors used on icebreakers and floating anchors used on sailboats and dinghies.




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