How to use the boat capstan winch

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Do you know how to use the boat capstan winch ?

1, start the motor, transmission gear began to run, when you use the boat capstan winch, the brake belt on the drum stop, the big gear brake should be released, so that the drum does not rotate, only the big inner gear rotation.

2. To start the reel, the brake belt on the reel must be fully released, and the brake belt on the big inner gear is tight.The reel is then rotated and wound around the wire rope.

3, the boat capstan winch work process, if you want to make the winch temporarily stop running, should be the big inner wheel brake belt loosen, and the drum on the brake belt tight.

sailing winch

4. When conducting micro-path scheduling of the position of the traction load, it is only necessary to alternately lift or lower the left and right brake handle to make the drum stop between turns.When operating the brake handle, attention should be paid to the protection of other parts, such as the shoulder pin, movable bolt and gasket.If the stop time is long, brake belt should be applied to shut down the motor.

5. The rolling drum must be started and stopped quickly to reduce the wear of the brake belt. However, it is not allowed to start or stop in a hurry to prevent damage to the transmission parts.

600w verical windlass

6, when there is often an anti-torque effect on the winch drum, the two brakes must be in good contact, safe and reliable.

7, when the motor starts, The boat capstan winch  two brakes can not be brake at the same time, so as not to burn the motor.

8, must always pay attention to the working condition of the brake, if the brake is not working, it must be adjusted, fell on the grease and dirt must be cleaned.

9. The temperature of the drum brake belt and bearing of the winch shall not exceed 70℃. If the temperature rises sharply, the winch must be stopped for inspection.

10, the sealing device must be intact, to prevent the invasion of dust and oil spill.

11. Check whether the rope head is firm, whether there is any damage or biting phenomenon inside the transmission mechanism, whether there is excessive wear of the inner parts, etc.After checking and confirming, you can start.

12. When the motor is running, the temperature shall not exceed the requirements of the motor standard.

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13. The boat capstan winch pashall not work in excess of rated load.

14. Each team must maintain each part of the winch carefully every day, remove dirt when off work, and do not accumulate dust on the motor.

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