Do you know the importance and usage of capstan winch

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Capstan winch is really used for cars, starting from the Jeep in world war ii. After the U.S. entered the war, Jeep often got stuck in the sand pit or shell pit in the open desert battlefield of north Africa.Therefore, the United States military began to capstan  winch application in the capstan  self-help, and the original car capstan is a wire rope tied to the body before, after the motor began to use the real self-help function!The end of the second world war, winch by the fans of cross-country, is also one of the necessary tools for off-road vehicle modification!

What is a capstan winch ?

Capstan winch  (the Capsan) is warping head with a vertical installation, can under dynamic driving winding, but are not stored rope machine, also refers to the rotation axis and the vertical deck capstan winch , vehicle, ship's self-protection and traction device, can be used to save and rescue in the bad environment and is mainly used for off-road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, ATV all-terrain vehicles, yacht, fire rescue vehicle, road repair car, and other special vehicles, special vehicles.


1. Relay transmission.The relay transmission receives signals from the remote control, and inside it is a complete circuit that changes the direction of the motor.

2. Motor.The unit has a dc motor.There is a cooling fan in the capstan model to prevent the capstan winch from overheating.

3. Noose guide.If a noose is needed to work at an Angle, the guide can direct the noose to the drum wheel.If a roller is carried, it is called a roller noose guide.

4, noose drum wheel.The noose drum wheel and the noose winding cylinder block, driven by an electric motor.The direction can be changed by the remote control button.Heavy capstan noose is heavier, so the drum wheel is larger.

5. Winch  lutch.The clutch is responsible for switching the noose drum wheel, which is controlled by a simple handle.

6. Remote control.The remote control can control the noose from a distance.The most common models have a wire attached to the winch, and there are no linear remote controls on the market.

The internal structure:

Star gear unit [1] most winches in the market are using planetary gear as reducer.The advantage of planetary gears is that they are small in size and produce a relatively large deceleration ratio.Moreover, the gear contact point is many, the service life is long.Capstan often needs to be installed in a smaller space, so the smaller the lighter the better.Planetary gear can meet this requirement, and at the same time can produce a large deceleration ratio.

Third, the principle of the  capstan winch:

Simply put, the capstan's internal working mechanism is: electricity from the car drives the motor first, and then the motor drives the drum wheel, which drives the drive shaft, which drives the planetary gear, and thus produces a strong torque.The torque is then transmitted back to the drum, which drives the capstan.Between the motor and the reducer is a clutch that can be switched on and off by a handle.The brake unit is in the drum wheel, which automatically locks when the noose is tightened.

In practical use, some auxiliary items are necessary for the safe and smooth use of capstan, such as gloves can safely protect the hand.In addition, if the capstan winch is to be fixed to a tree, a belt, a u-shaped lug and a tight wire pulley are required.The straps are used to hold the fulcrum.Its ideal length is 1.5 m to 2 m;The u-shaped lug connects the hook with the belt and the capstan.So it is better to prepare several sizes of lifting lugs;A tight wire pulley is required to change the direction of drag by using two or three wires.

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