What is capstan winch

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According to the use the capstan winch can be divided into Marine and land.

The use of electric capstan winch voltage :380V, 220V, 110V is high voltage.36V, 24V, 12V is low voltage (12V is direct current.220V is ac) electric capstan winch, is the most common capstan.Rely on the vehicle's own power system to drive the capstan, advantages: can be basically normal use in the case of vehicle dead fire (this is its biggest advantage is not comparable to other capstan), especially for the water area has a great advantage, simple installation can achieve multi-position installation and rapid displacement.Disadvantages: it cannot be maintained for a long time (the limitations of the vehicle's own power system, its own heat and other reasons). Most electric capstan winch  can provide a small driving force, and can only exert force in one direction (if installed in front of the vehicle, it can only pull forward; if installed in the rear, it can only pull backward).

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Hydraulic capstan winch  can be divided into medium and low pressure (pressure 50-70kg bulk carrier), medium pressure (pressure greater than 70kg) and high pressure (pressure greater than 150kg) according to the pressure size.The advantage is large power, smooth operation.

Marine capstan is divided into vertical, horizontal and inverted according to the installation situation.

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Capstan winch features:

1.Designed for simple, low cost anchor recovery on smaller boats and rope hauling on larger vessels.

2.Line hauling from any direction.

3.Simplified through deck installation by modular design and precise alignment of gearbox to the top works utilising marine-grade stainless steel bolts.

4.Compact, reliable gearbox, made of corrosion resistant material.

5.Heavy duty, dual direction motors, designed for marine winches.

6.Easily disassembled for servicing.

7.Fit include hand-switch, foot-switch, solenoid ,relay and circuit breaker.

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