What is the compositions of the marine mooring equipment

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the compositions of the marine mooring equipment is mooring cables, mooring devices, mooring devices, mooring machinery, vehicles and accessories, etc.

the cable guide device of the compositions of the marine mooring equipment  function and position is  :(1) guide the cable from inboard to outboard in a certain direction.Change the direction and position of the cable;(2) reduce the wear of the cable and the side, and avoid increasing the stress due to sharp bending.Mooring lines are provided at the bow, stern, sides of the main deck, bulwarks or railings.

boat mooring equipment

marine equipment

Types: (1) cable holes: circular and flat.(2) guide rollers: the deck bulwarks or balustrades at the bow, stern and quarter of the captain from the first end.

Rotating guide cable: also known as guide cable hole, it is characterized by equipped with rollers or rollers on the left, right and upper sides of the hole, greatly improving the working conditions.

The common disadvantage of electric and electro-hydraulic horizontal mooring winch is that it occupies a large deck area, but can obtain a large mooring torque. The main power source of electro-hydraulic horizontal mooring winch is set below the deck, and it is widely used in large and medium-sized ships.

small winch

small yacht winch

Vertical mooring winch, also known as mooring capstan, power unit is located below the deck, occupying a small deck area and small ships are still used.

Automatic tension warping winch is called automatic tension adjusting winch. Its power sources include electric power and hydraulic power. The basic principle is to apply an adjustable dynamic torque on the warping drum and keep balance with the pulling torque caused by the tension on the mooring cable.When the ship's mooring cable tension increases or decreases due to the change of draft or the influence of tide and wind, and deviates from the specified value, the automatic mooring winch can automatically rewind and lower the cable accordingly, so that the tension can be stabilized to the specified value.In this way, the cable can be prevented from breaking, the mooring safety can be guaranteed, and the operation and labor intensity of the personnel on duty can be reduced.

the compositions of the marine mooring equipment of automatic mooring winch must be used in conjunction with the rotating mooring guide (universal guide).

Since the cable of the automatic winch must be wound on the drum, the quantity is limited.Generally, there are only two head cables and two stern cables that can be automatically put and put in a 10,000-ton cargo ship.When the draft changes greatly or the cable tension changes greatly due to tide and wind, it still needs to be adjusted manually in time.According to IMO requirements, the automatic tension mooring winch of a cruise ship at anchor should be placed in the "non-automatic" working state.

Winch and accessories

Mooring winch: the device for winding the cable is called mooring winch, or cable car for short.In addition to a large number of cable winches, some ships are also equipped with special cable cars to coil and store the cables.

Cable making: there are two kinds of cable making and cable chain making, which are used to tie the mooring cable to bear the tension of the cable.Rope making chains are used for steel cables and rope making is used for fiber cables.Other accessories include olive cords, fenders, rat guards, olive utensils, etc.

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