Do you Understand the customized marine gearbox

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Understanding the customized marine gearbox

main components:

customized marine gearbox shaft and coupling parts are generally forged and tempered with high-quality low-carbon alloy steel gear and gear shaft parts are generally forged with high-quality low-carbon alloy steel, carburized and quenched. customized marine gearbox Gear accuracy is generally required more than seven, gear box transmission efficiency in more than 90% clutch. The clutch adopts hydraulic control wet multi-disc friction clutch box body. The box body is generally made of gray cast iron and welded with steel plate for single piece production.

transmission capability

customized marine gearbox transmission capacity is the ratio of rated transmission power to rotational speed, that is, p/n is the main basis of selection calculation. It is required that the output transmission capacity of diesel engine should be equal to or slightly less than the transmission capacity of gearbox

customized marine gearbox structure: concentric, horizontal eccentric, vertical eccentric, vertical eccentric

 with clutch function, one in and one out (layout)

the minimum center distance between primary and secondary outputs must be defined when PO is taken.

control mode: generally use push and pull soft rope to achieve remote control.

Maintenance and repair

  1. The customized marine gearbox overhaul period of gear box is 10000 hours, and the effective storage period is 6 months after delivery. In case of long-term storage or disuse, the gear box shall be timely inspected for storage and maintenance.
  2. The customized marine gearbox filter should be clear after the first 30 hours of operation of the new gear box, and clean oil should be changed.


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