What is the development trend of ship electronics in china ?

276 Published by admin 6月 05,2019

What is the 2019 development trend of ship electronics in china ?

According to statistics, the value of electronic products accounts for about 15% of the value of the whole ship.Although the overall market size of Marine electronics products is not very large, it has a great impact on the Marine industry. Especially for China's Marine industry, the backward Marine electronics industry is still a major bottleneck restricting the development of the Marine industry.

From the development trend, ship electronics technology is developing towards the direction of digitization, automation, integration, intelligence and integration.With the gradual improvement of users' requirements for high cost performance and high reliability, the manufacturing of ship electronic products is gradually developing towards serialization, modularization and standardization.Therefore, China should make the following adjustments in the development trend of ship electronics in china :

1. Enhance innovation ability.We will increase policy support for the independent development of the Marine electronics industry, and encourage vehicle manufacturers and ship electronics manufacturers to develop new technologies and products.

2. Choose the right development focus.At present, China's shipbuilding electronics industry is faced with many historical opportunities, such as the emergence of new generation of information technology such as Internet of things, cloud computing and mobile Internet, the strong demand for ships in international shipping industry, the promotion of intelligent maritime construction, and the development of strategic emerging industries in national development.

3. Improve the industrial chain.Improving the electronic level of ships is an important means for vehicle enterprises to seize the future ship market.Organize supply and demand matchmaking meetings and special seminars to promote exchanges and cooperation between shipbuilding enterprises and Marine electronics enterprises.

4. Strengthen personnel training.The training of ship electronics professionals has been included in the national program for upgrading the knowledge of professional and technical personnel in the field of equipment manufacturing and information, and the program for training highly skilled leaders in the field of information.

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