What is free fall hydraulic winch

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What is the free fall hydraulic winch?

The free fall hydraulic winch consists of various valve blocks, hydraulic motors and multi-plate liquid with one-way or two-way balancing valves and high-pressure shuttle valves for controlling hydraulic brakes,Pressure brake, planetary reducer, drum, and rack components.Users only need to be equipped with a pump station and reversing valve, because the free fall hydraulic winch with its own valve, not only simplified the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic winch to improve the reliability of the transmission device.

free lower winch

Free Fall Hydraulic Winch

Using the new winch will minimize your maintenance costs for the free fall hydraulic .

The free fall hydraulic is a new type of windlass with mechanical and electrical integration. It has a series of advantages. Free fall hydraulic is an ideal replacement product for the current traditional windlass.It is used to lift and lift building materials, components and equipment during construction and installation.Free fall hydraulic can also be used in mines, docks, Bridges, warehouses and other long-term goods upgrading.JK - D the new hoist and cable transmission type hoist supporting construction elevator, conveyor, derrick, will these devices overload limiter, upper and lower limit position and other safety device with hoist control circuit are connected in the cabinet,free fall hydraulic can reach the national standard GB/T10055-1996 construction lifter safety rules and the state industry standard JGJ88-92 gantry and derrick material hoist safety requirements of technical specification.

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