Do you know the IHM investigation?

247 Published by admin 5月 31,2019

This is the news about IHM investigation.

Zeaborn Shipping management has contracted with Verifavia Shipping and Korea register (KR) to prepare and certify hazardous substances inventory (IHM) for more than 100 ships.

These vessels are managed by Zeaborn ship management and must comply with the IHM code to comply with the provisions of the EU SRR and the Hong Kong (Hong Kong) international convention on safe and environmentally sound ship recovery.

The Hong Kong convention has been implemented for eu flag ships and vessels from third countries, with the aim of reducing the negative impact of ship recovery on human health, safety and the environment.

The eu SRR prohibits or restricts the installation and use of hazardous materials on ships and requires ships to carry certified IHM's detailing their location and estimated quantities.

KR has approved Verifavia to conduct its own IHM investigation of the ship, and KR will verify and certify the results.

Thiemo Ullrich, senior vice President of ship management program and performance at Zeaborn, said, "we have experienced Verifavia Shipping's verification services regarding eu MRV and IMO DCS regulations, and we are confident in their ability to deliver IHM.

"We need knowledgeable, responsive and reliable partners -- and we are confident that the combined Korean registered and Verifavia team can effectively support us as we work to meet these regulatory requirements and deadlines."

Verifavia says its IHM processes include document collection, shipboard sampling and laboratory analysis.It also includes preparation of reports to be Shared with Korean registered classification societies for final on-board cross-checking and certification.

The process identifies hazardous materials that need to be removed in preparation for recovery of the ship.

Verifavia USES applications developed in Nautilus Log to prepare on-board surveys and IHM reports.The application supports report generation and simplifies the process.(the news is from

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