Do you know why we invented the marine LED energy saving lamp

169 Published by admin 12月 04,2019

At present, most of the lamps used on ships are incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps, which consume a lot of electricity.In addition, the socket on the ship is relatively fixed. When the lamps need to be inserted, other electrical equipment cannot take into account, which has a great impact on the convenience of electricity on the ship.Moreover, the existing Marine lighting equipment does not have emergency function in case of power failure.So we need to invent marine LED energy saving lamp?

Purpose of the invention of marine LED energy saving lamp: one of the purposes of the utility model is to provide a Marine LED energy saving lamp which can save energy and reduce consumption while taking into account other electric equipment for receiving electricity. 

In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model adopts the following technical scheme which includes light, connection electric ^ and plug, light by connecting circuit connect with electric plug, described its improvement depends on the light for themarine LED energy saving lamp, and also includes the power socket and ^ C electric single yuan, described power socket and the charging and discharging unit connected to the connection electric circuit, described the connection set has a power switch in the circuit.

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