What do you know about ship communication section

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The ship  communication section commonly used by ships at sea include: flag communication, lamp communication, sound communication, hand flag or arm communication, loudspeaker communication, wireless telephone communication, wireless telex communication, international mobile satellite communication, satellite mobile phone communication, E-mail communication, Internet communication, etc.

There are 9 ship communication section introduction:

1.Light communications (Flashing Light Signalling ) - using Morse signal from the flash Light to pass on information.

2.Banner communication (Flag Signalling) -- using a Flag or several surface of different signal transmit information.

3.Semaphore or Arms (Morse Signalling By Hand - Flag or very different) - hands Arms each holding a Flag or only transform the Morse signal sent By a different part of the message.

4.Sound signal communication (Sound Signalling) - through the ship's whistle, bell, horn Sound signal Morse message.

5.Voice over a lound Hailer -- using a loudspeaker to communicate a message at close range.

6.Radio Telegraphy, the Morse signals transmitted by electric keys.When CMDSS is fully implemented, it will no longer exist and will be replaced by advanced methods such as radio telex, facsimile or satellite communication.

Marine VHF Radiotelephone 

VHF Radiotelephone

7.Radio Telegraphy -- -- use of wireless telephone equipment in the if, high frequency, VHF and other frequency band through direct conversation or send out message number language transmission information.

8.The global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS) is a widely used maritime communications system.Complete GMDSS equipment includes high frequency and very high frequency digital selective call receivers, narrow-band direct print telegraphy, satcom C station, emergency radio beacon, search and rescue radar transponders and hand-held portable walkie-talkies.

9.Mobile satellite communication (INMARSAT) -- users can use satellite mobile terminals to reach the satellite with signals, and then communicate with other fixed or mobile users (including satellite mobile terminal users) through international or domestic public communication networks of posts and telecommunications through ground stations.

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