Do you know the three stages of ship assembling

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Hull assembly and welding the process of ship  assembling parts of a hull structure into a complete hull.It is generally adopted the subsection construction mode, which is divided into three stages: component assembly welding, subsection assembly welding and berth assembly welding.

(1)Ship assembling parts  welding: also known as small closure.The process of combining the processed steel plate or section steel into plate row, T profile, frame frame or bow and stern column and other parts is carried out on the ship assembling and welding platform in the workshop.

(2) sub (total) section ship assembling welding: also known as the closure.The assembly of parts into plane sections, curved sections, or three-dimensional sections, such as bulkhead, bottom, side and superstructure sections;Or combined in the direction of the captain of the main hull from the annular three-dimensional section, known as the total section, such as bow section, stern section, etc..The assembly and welding of the sections are carried out on the assembly and welding platform or the tire frame.The classification of sections mainly depends on the characteristics of hull structure and the lifting and transportation conditions of shipyard.With the upsizing of ships and the increase of crane capacity, sections and total sections are also increasing day by day, and their weight can reach more than 800 tons.

(3) Ship assembling  berth (dock) welding: that is, the ship assembly, also called the big closure.Final assembly and welding of hull parts, sections and sections on berth (or dock).For large ships with a displacement of more than 100,000 tons, they are usually assembled in the construction dock to ensure the safety of launching.The common general assembly methods are: the general section construction method, which takes the general section as the general assembly unit and lifts from the middle of the ship to the bow and stern, is generally applicable to the construction of small and medium-sized ships;First, a bottom section at the middle stern of the ship is hoisted, and then adjacent sections are hoisted at the bow, stern and upper part of the ship with this as the construction reference.There are 2 ~ 3 construction benchmarks, which are constructed by tower construction method, and finally connected to the island construction method of the hull.On the slipway or dock built at the end of the first ship, built at the same time, in the front of the building berth of the end of the second ship, after waiting for the first ship launching, moved the end of the second ship way end, continue lifting other segments, it to the final assembly into the hull, at the same time in building berth front to build a third of the end of the ship, and so on, this method is called series construction method;The hull is divided into two sections, the first and the last, which are built on the slipway and then launched.The selection of various final assembly methods depends on the structural characteristics of the ship and the specific conditions of the shipyard.



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