How many question you will meet when you choose the boat anchor chain?

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some question about these:

How many stops does a boat anchor chain have?How to count the number of anchor knots when anchoring?

Section is 27.5 meters, the amount of stud link in a chain is not a constant, to can determine when the boat anchor chain into the outboard section number, should be marked on the chain, said first quarter: link in the first quarter before and after the first link on the rail around the wire, and on the two link all painted with white paint to the waterline. Said the third quarter just change the number one to two or three in the second quarter.

What is the function of the speed chain?

Reduction boat anchor chain is a common reduction brake device for launching ships.In order to ensure the safety of launching from the slipway and reduce the sliding distance of the ship after launching, anchor chains are often dragged on both sides, so that the sliding speed of the ship is gradually reduced due to the resistance of anchor chains, and it is controlled within a certain sliding distance

The keywords about boat anchor chain:DIN5687 link chain(G80)、Welded link chain、

Link、Common link、End link、Anchor swivel shackle、Joining shackle、Swivel、

Kentor joining shackle.

chain cable

anchor chain

the boat anchor chain features in juvi company:

our chains are top quality DIN766/BM open link chain/AM stud link chain for use on our anchor windlasses .for the windlass to run smoothly,the chain needs to match the gypsy .the gypsies of our windlasses are designed according to DIN766/BM open link chain.Avalible in hot dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel ,the chain stows itself in the windlass gypsy and the weight causes it to drop through the chain pipe.




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