What is the marine AIS system component

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What is the marine AIS system component ?

A typical AIS system consists of two major subsystems, one is the shore-based AIS system,other is Marine AIS equipment, shore-based AIS system is more complex, a typical shore-based AIS system is consists of a certain number of AIS base station and center of AIS, system through various ways and VTS center, ship reporting systems, port information network, maritime and shipping scheduling and other connected network, at the same time can also contact the relevant shipping companies, to provide the corresponding information service, make the department in charge of to be all of the ship dynamic on time, the shipping company to know the location of the ship of the company.

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ship equipment

AIS system center can also be connected to the Internet to further expand the scope of users. By setting a certain scope of authority, each user can check the corresponding ship information within his own scope of authority and get the corresponding services.

AIS system centers can be connected to each other for information exchange, and each AIS center can be connected into a network. Within a country and region, the dynamic information of all ships along the coast can be learned in real time, which is of great significance for navigation management, ship tracking and prevention of Marine pollution.

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A typical AIS Marine equipment consists of one VHF transmitter, two VHF TDMA receivers, one VHF DSC receiver, one built-in GPS receiver (as standby), AIS information processor, power supply and various necessary peripheral equipment interfaces.

The VHF transceiver is controlled by the system information processor. Two special international channels, VHF CH87B and 88B, are used to automatically transmit the relevant information of the ship and receive AIS information of other ships around, with a frequency band of 25KHZ.

AIS Sart Equipment

Marine AIS Sart Equipment

AIS work is characterized by receiving information at the same time on these two frequencies, while transmitting information is generally carried out alternately on these two frequencies. Under manual intervention, it can also be transmitted in other ways.In addition, the competent department can also assign the AIS regional frequency, and the AIS system equipment should work at the designated regional frequency.


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