What is the marine cabin lamp fixture

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The cabin of a ship is a general term for all enclosed Spaces separated by longitudinal and transverse bulkheads and each deck.Generally can be divided into crew cabin, work cabin and business cabin three categories.Marine cabin  lamp fixture working room , including bedroom, sanitary room, mess room and meeting room, shall generally be arranged above the freeboard deck.The working room includes bridge room, chart room, wireless telegraph room, engine room, workshop, fire extinguisher room, chain locker and ballast water room and other working rooms.Business compartment includes cargo compartment and passenger compartment.

one of the lamp fixture in juvi marine machinery company used in the ship cabin is JCYA23-1 :

The scope of marine cabin  lamp fixture application

1. Applied to illumination of water dripping, water spattering, water coagulating place in ships, such as oven cabin, dry cabin, tunnel, pipeline and weather deck etc.

2. The marine cabin  lamp fixture environmental temperature for work is -20℃+55℃.

Products characteristic

1. The marine cabin  lamp fixture shell adopts good quality steel plate tensioned , lampshade adopts injection of PC, and has the seal structure.

2. In order to prevent from electric shocking, equipped with a copper earthing rod with the mark in the lights.

3. Plug-in type lamp holder, equipped wiring terminal inside, convenient to connect

4.  The marine cabin  lamp fixture has the emergency device, equipped B15d lamp holder, 24V/1SW small emergency bulb, the edge of lampshade marks the marking.

5.  Equipped compensating capacitance inside the lamp, also has the good effect of start.

Adopt standard

Conform to JISF8008 2002 standard and grade entry norms for steel ships.

Production authentication

Approval by CCS(China Classification Society), certificate number 00515Q20619ROM.

The more about the marine cabin  lamp fixture specification please contact juvi marine machinery company.



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