What is a marine capstan characteristics

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1, the marine capstan traction is measured in pounds, can be converted into tons or kilograms.It is best to choose a winch with a high weight, as the weight of the trapped vehicle is often much higher than the daily weight of the vehicle.Do not pull on anything that exceeds the pull of the winch.

2. The more winch's cable is wound on the reel, the less the tension of the outer ring.The long reel capstan can reduce the number of winding, to increase the traction of the outer ring.For the same marine capstan, the outer ring traction of the shorter cable is greater than that of the longer cable.

1, according to the different power winch, there are mainly the following six:

Electric marine  capstan, is the most common capstan.Rely on the vehicle's own power system to drive the capstan, advantages: can be basically normal use in the case of vehicle dead fire, is not comparable to other capstan, especially for the water area has a great advantage, simple installation can achieve multiple location installation and rapid displacement.Disadvantages: it cannot be maintained for a long time (the limitations of the vehicle's own power system, its own heat and other reasons). Most electric capstan can provide a small driving force, and can only exert force in one direction (if installed in front of the vehicle, it can only pull forward; if installed in the rear, it can only pull backward).

PTO capstan, POWER TAKE OFF with the output POWER of the POWER box, advantages: it can continuously provide large pulling force, long single use time (no heating problem), can provide multi-direction pulling force (front, back, or even left and right), is the best choice for military vehicles or serious high-performance off-road.Disadvantages: engine power must be used, that is, when the engine cannot work due to water and other reasons;The transfer box cannot be used when the winch direction driving force is lost.

mooring winch

boat parts winch

Hydraulic marine capstan, the use of vehicle power, power steering system for its power source, the use of power steering pump to provide power source.Advantages: easy to install, because its external fixed part is basically universal, and even in the field can be achieved interchangeable, driving force between the electric and PTO capstan, the occurrence of high temperature opportunity is extremely rare.Disadvantages: like PTO capstan, engine drive must be used, i.e. the engine must be kept running and the power steering system cannot be used if it fails (the power steering system is vulnerable to external damage in partial off-road situations).

Marine manual capstan wheel capstan is a relatively new capstan system, which is driven by the wheel shaft.The principle is to use four of the six fixing screws of most off-road wheels to fix the capstan.Pros: extremely easy to install/remove (and one step to change a tire), extremely light in weight (lighter than any other type of winch and not fatally overhung by the front), inexpensive and provides both front and rear pull.Disadvantages: its power point is the axle, so the position is too low, resulting in partial conditions can not be used, but also must use engine power.

Manual capstan, a capstan driven by the longitudinal or circular motion of the hand, usually with little force due to the limitation of human power.

Pneumatic capstan, and hydraulic capstan the same design and working principle, but the power from compressed liquid into compressed gas.

2, according to its different USES can be divided into: ATV capstan, off-road capstan, truck capstan, industrial capstan, etc.According to the characteristics of some industries, there are waterproof capstan, explosion - proof capstan classification.

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