What is the marine electric capstan test

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Preparation work before the marine electric capstan test:

Test bench :Effective stroke greater than 8 m

test instrumentation:weightsecond chronograph、Current meter etc

(1)Check whether the marine electric capstan assembly is complete and whether the installation of each part meets the requirements of the drawing;

(2)Grease should be added to bearings and moving parts,Keep it in good lubrication

(3)Check whether the test bed is safe and reliable, there are no obstacles around;

(4) Check whether the motor has been connected, whether the related test equipment and instruments are installed correctly and reliably;

The following information should be available before the test:

a.The marine electric capstan assembly drawing,The test outline and Operating instruction

b.Technical documents and certificates relating to test equipment;

Tc.est record form

Marine electric capstan test:

1. No-load test:Start the motor and run for 30 minutes without load, 15 minutes for positive and 15 minutes for reverse And perform the following checks

(1) smooth operation of the whole machine, abnormal vibration, noise and heat

(2)earing temperature and oil seal

Load test

The marine electric capstan shall be tested at rated speed and rated working load for 30min.Check the reliability of the work .Workload test check content:

(1) measure the speed under the workload.Record the current value

(2) no abnormal sound is allowed during the whole test.

(3) in operation should be safe and reliable, each bearing shall not exceed 60 ° c, and the working surface of each lubrication bearing shall be in good contact.






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