What is the marine vovage data recorder ?

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Automatic identification system (AIS), marine voyage data recorder (VDR), electronic chart and information system (ECDIS) are independent but closely related.

The data obtained from the automatic identification system and the marine voyage data recorder should be displayed on the electronic chart and information system;The automatic identification system and the marine voyage data recorder can quote each other for the accuracy of their data and their standards need to be consistent, so the international maritime organization (imo) has put together the ECDIS, AIS and VDR for research, discussion and calibration.AIS and VDR have irreplaceable complementary functions.AIS ships can obtain in real time static data such as ship name, call sign, captain and cargo type of surrounding installed AIS ships, as well as navigation dynamic data such as course, speed, position and relative distance.VDR can save the recorded data and recover and reproduce these data after the accident. The accuracy of the reduction of events and the degree of providing original data for the accident cause analysis are incomparable by traditional methods.

2.0AIS Pilot Plug Cable

AIS Pilot Plug Cable

The main functions of AIS include three points: 1. Ship collision avoidance: the installation of AIS slipways can automatically identify and exchange information for ships sailing in the Yangtze river estuary.Maritime management: continuous monitoring and management of static and dynamic information of ship navigation.Iii. VTS function enhancement: AIS information is connected to VTS system to improve the identification accuracy and information amount of ships and extend the traffic management scope of ships in the Yangtze river estuary.

Main USES of VDR(marine vovage data redorder ): 1. Providing scientific legal basis for maritime investigation and arbitration; 2.2. Monitor the operation status of the crew, provide training for the crew and judge the technical level reached;3. Monitor the condition of main engine and energy saving condition to help improve the information management level of the shipping company.

ECDIS functions include the integration of a variety of navigation sensors (such as GPS, compass, log, depth finder, etc.).At the same time, it has many functions such as chart processing, navigation planning, route monitoring, ARPA display, AIS display, calculation and alarm.

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