What is the marine waste compactor

159 Published by admin 4月 25,2019

Marine waste compactor is a small static rolling machine used for garbage disposal, Marine ship sanitation landfill compaction equipment, is a kind of used to upgrade the capacity of the landfill waste inventory, implemented by special Marine engineering machinery, is the important equipment of modern Marine garbage sanitization, have to crush waste, compaction of the function, is conducive to protect the Marine environment.

Marine waste compactor Features:

1. Independent compressing truck, which can be used to compress kitchen waste, such as leftover food, garbage bags, melon husks, etc

  1. Open the door, cut off the power, close the door, and operate safely
  2. Adopt domestic well-known brand hydraulic parts as the execution unit
  3. Small size, easy to install in a small space, to save valuable space on the ship
  4. Can be configured as outdoor use products, waterproof, lightning-proof, anti-corrosion
  5. It can meet various voltage requirements: 110v,220v,400v,440v, etc

Our company offer A large number of spot supply of Marine waste compactor, we provide Marine garbage packing machine, small size, high efficiency, fully automated one-key operation. We serve a number of large shipyards, in the ocean voyage, our equipment has performed again and again excellent performance. We are proud of our high quality Marine waste compactor, which brings us admiration from ship owners.


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