What is marine windlass

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What is the marine windlass ?

The marine windlass is mainly composed of sprocket shaft, anchor chain wheel, winch drum, clutch, transmission mechanism and brake mechanism.According to the power points, there are human, electric and hydraulic several kinds;According to the mechanism, there are vertical and horizontal.The sprocket shafts are laid horizontally, the chain wheels have one or two for lifting single and double anchors, and the warping drum is used for retracting the warping cables.The chain pulley, warping drum and sprocket shaft are connected or disengaged with a toothed clutch.The brake mechanism is used to control the speed of the cable.Human windlass used for boat or emergency, ship only to a anchor machine commonly, can be respectively or around anchors at the same time, also can warping, usually installed in a ship of the forecastle deck, Marine windlass should be able to reverse and have enough power, has been widely applied to windlass, mooring, mooring and other assignments in the combination of a set of  marine windlass.windlass

Marine windlass is powered by manpower, steam engine, electric motor, hydraulic motor, etc.Usually installed on the forecastle deck of a ship.Its development trend is to use one unit to carry out anchor lifting, mooring, automatic mooring and cabling operations.

marine windlass

Marine windlass can be divided into two categories according to the direction of its main shaft (the shaft for installing sprocket wheel or roller wheel), namely horizontal windlass and vertical windlass, the latter is also known as windlass (mooring) capstan.Horizontal windlass usually refers to the windlass equipped with chain wheels, marine which can be divided into horizontal windlass with double chain wheels and horizontal windlass with single chain wheels. The latter is also called unilateral horizontal windlass.

marine windlass

An marine windlass is a mechanical device for anchoring, lifting, and winding ropes.The sprocket shaft of the windlass is horizontally arranged called horizontal windlass, which is generally used in merchant ships.Vertical into the arrangement of the vertical windlass, more used in warships.According to the different power, divided into electric windlass, hydraulic windlass and steam windlass three, the structure is roughly the same.Electric windlass is widely used in ships with internal combustion engines. Currently, steam windlass is less used in sea ships. In order to prevent fire and explosion, steam windlass is also used in oil ships. 

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