How to use a mooring capstan

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This is an introduction of how to use a mooring capstan?

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1, It is best to ensure that the traction vehicle and the traction vehicle are in a straight line, with an Angle traction is to offset the traction force, the second is to make the mooring capstan cable wound at one end.If you cannot adjust the Angle you can use a directional pulley.

2, in the use of mooring capstan traction of heavy objects or vehicles, always pay attention to the battery voltage, if the battery voltage is too low should immediately stop the operation, and by increasing the engine speed to force the generator to charge to improve the battery voltage.Because the power of the capstan motor is fixed, the lower the voltage, the greater the current of the breakdown battery and control relay, the lower the voltage forced to use easily and faster to reduce the battery and control box relay life.Under the condition of low voltage, the rope speed will also slow down.

3.When towing heavy objects or vehicles that are difficult to drag, pulley blocks can be used to form a loop and increase traction.

4.In the process of towing, reasonable methods should be adopted to fix the traction points, such as drilling tires, fixing the body, and skilled use of tree girdle and ground spear and other tools

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mooring capstan

5, ensure the reliability of the clutch switch, avoid danger in the rescue.

6,Wear gloves when operating capstan cable, and place rubber mat on the cable to place destructive rebound after capstan cable breaks.

7, if time is not enough to ensure the integrity of the rope, it is necessary to re-release the rope bar when conditions permit, and re-wind the rope bar neatly on the reel.Avoid long and tangled rope rails.

8,When towing an object, if it is necessary to loosen the cable, use the loose-rope button carefully, which may easily cause the cable to knot and wind on the reel.The cable can be stretched as straight as possible with the clutch before use.

9,It is better to equip the motorcade with 2 winches for travelling, cross-country and adventure in response to rescue or dangerous situations.

10,The mooring capstan shall be rigidly connected to the most solid and reliable part of the vehicle body to avoid the separation from the vehicle body or other hazards caused by towing.








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