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What is the marine solar energy signal lamp?

A solar signal lamp is a type of signal lamp. Compared with ordinary signal lights, solar signal lights are more environmentally friendly and power-saving. Because of their power storage function, they do not need to lay cables during installation, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of power outages caused by construction.Under continuous rain, snow and cloudy days, the solar signal lamp can guarantee normal operation for 72 hours. What is the marine solar energy signal lamp? this is one of the marine solar energy signal lamp introduction : The marine solar energy signal lamp function and technical performance: 1. Solar charger: The  marine solar energy signal lamp charging, automatic charging during the day, night work automatically, eliminating the need to replace the batteries or AC charger. 2. Environmental protection and energy saving: The  marine solar energy signal lamp built efficient and environmentally friendly NiMH batteries can be recycled more than 1000 tim...

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What is the marine navigation lamps

Marine navigation lamps include: mast-head lights, side lights, stern lights, bow lights, ring lights, flashlights and mast-head lights.The layout requirements are as follows: Mast-head of the marine navigation lamps: a light mounted above the mast of a ship or above the centerline of the bow and stern to display an uninterrupted light in a horizontal arc of 225 degrees, mounted so that the light is visible within 22.5 degrees from the front of the ship to the stern of each side. Mast-head of the marine navigation lamps: a light mounted above the mast of a ship or above the centerline of the bow and stern to display an uninterrupted light in a horizontal arc of 225 degrees, mounted so that the light is visible within 22.5 degrees from the front of the ship to the stern of each side.The side lamp screen facing the lamp face shall be painted with matte black paint.The height of the screen is at least equal to the height of the lamp.For barges of more than 80 meters in length, red and...

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What is the boat energy efficent light

The boat energy efficent light  and the connecting circuit are arranged in a housing, and a lamp shade is arranged in a transparent place on the housing.  the boat energy efficent light housing is provided with at least two power sockets, which are respectively a two socket and a four socket.  the boat energy efficent light two and three plugs are connected to the two ends of the shell separately.  there is an overpressure overcurrent protection unit between the LED lamp and the plug.  an overpressure overcurrent protection unit is arranged between the two and three plugs and the plug. the boat energy efficent light  is arranged on a printed circuit board, and a finite flow unit is arranged on the printed circuit board. Preferably, the undercharged unit I duo has an overcharge protection unit.Preferably, the charge ^: the electric unit is provided with a transition;^ electrical protection unit. The utility model of the boat energy efficent light  bulbs as to adopt the LED as the l...

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Do you know why we invented the marine LED energy saving ...

At present, most of the lamps used on ships are incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps, which consume a lot of electricity.In addition, the socket on the ship is relatively fixed. When the lamps need to be inserted, other electrical equipment cannot take into account, which has a great impact on the convenience of electricity on the ship.Moreover, the existing Marine lighting equipment does not have emergency function in case of power failure.So we need to invent marine LED energy saving lamp? Purpose of the invention of marine LED energy saving lamp: one of the purposes of the utility model is to provide a Marine LED energy saving lamp which can save energy and reduce consumption while taking into account other electric equipment for receiving electricity.  In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model adopts the following technical scheme which includes light, connection electric ^ and plug, light by connecting circuit connect with electric plug, described its improv...

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What is the ship lamps

The design and manufacture of ship lamps must conform to the relevant provisions of ship regulations and international conventions, and ship lamps can only be installed and used after a certificate has been issued by the ship inspection department. In accordance with the provisions of the international convention, a ship must be equipped with various ship lamps and lanterns to display various signals for identification and avoidance in order to indicate its position,  ship lamps state of navigation and type when it is sailing at night, operating or in low visibility. For this purpose, the arc, visibility distance, chroma, enclosure protection and installation position of navigation lights and signal lights are strictly regulated. All ship lamps and lanterns used for lighting on a ship are collectively referred to.There are engine-room lights, canopy-top lights, walkway lights, emergency lights, floodlights for deck lighting, searchlights for long-distance target search, explosion-p...

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what is the marine light

The marine light  indicating the position and direction of a ship at sea.There are three kinds of  marine mast light, marine side light and tail light. Masthead: mounted at the top of the masts on the center line of the head and stern of the ship, the masthead displays a continuous white light within the 225° horizontal arc directly in front, with a range of 2 ~ 6 nautical miles. Bulwark light: a red light for port and a green marine  light for starboard, mounted separately on the starboard and starboard sides of bridge bridge. The red and green marine lights are displayed in the horizontal arc of 22.5° from the front of the ship to the starboard of the ship, and the visible distance is 1 ~ 3 nautical miles. Tail light: installed in the stern, in front of 135° horizontal arc display uninterrupted white marine light, can see the distance of 2 ~ 3 nautical miles. A class of lamps indicating the status of a ship or providing a signal.There are ring light, anchor light, flash and comm...

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What is the navigation stern light?

What is the navigation stern light? Stern light is placed as close to the stern as possible to show uninterrupted light.A horizontal arc of 135° is shown from the starboard to each side within 67.5°.Its visible distance is 3 and 2nmile respectively according to the requirements of the captain.It is used to display the movement of the ship and identify the movement of other ships, as well as to judge the situation of vessel crossing or overtaking. One product of the navigation stern light in juvi marine machinery company is like this Navigation Stern Light Specifications Material Housing: PC&ABS Housing Color Black LED Color Nature White, Warm White, Red, Green LED 33PCS LED Beam Angle 120° Color Temperature Warm White:K, Nature White:4000-4500K Features Surface mount Working Voltage DC10-24V Wattage 2.5W Effective Lumen/Power compared to standard bulb 206Lumen/30W Protection Class IP65 Life TEST FOR LED LAMP(1000 hours) Lumen Maintenance Percentage >...

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How about do you know the marine navigation singal light

How about do you know the marine navigation singal light? First,what is the navigational lights in a ship included? It Is mainly divided into the navigation lights, anchor light and marine navigation singal light  , as the name implies navigation light ship sailing on the sea when open, the anchor when the lamp is in the anchorage state, according to the  marine navigation singal light  is on different states of the ship and some local rules need to display, there is no limit to the number of the lamp, but in shipbuilding when install the color of the light must be met in the collision regulations light display each kind of condition, in order to facilitate the ship at any time any condition to display the corresponding light. one product of  the marine navigation singal light: Specifications: Name Voltage Power Lamp holder Material Protection Class Weight Levelarc Color CXH19 Signal light 220V 60W E27 copper  IP65 0.8kg 360° Transparent,red, green, yellow, pruple CXH20 Si...

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What is the ship navigation signal light

The ship navigation signal light are divided into red, white and green, ship navigation singnal light is vertically arranged on both sides of the main mast.Used for different purposes in various situations. (1) ship navigation signal light mast-head: a light mounted above the mast of a ship or above the head and stern centerline, showing a continuous beam of light within a horizontal arc of 225 degrees, and fitted to show the light within 22.5 degrees from the very front of the ship to each starboard beam. (2) ship navigation signal light bulwark: red light on port side and green light on starboard side, which are placed on the left and right sides of the top deck of the ship, display continuous light from the bow to the stern in a horizontal arc of 112.5 degrees respectively.The device is designed to display lights within 22.5 degrees from the front of the ship to the rear of each side. (3) ship navigation signal light tail light: white light in the center of the stern.A continuo...

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What Is the Marine Plastic Steering Light

What Is the  Marine Plastic Steering Light Marine Plastic Steering Light Products characteristics: The shell is made of high-strength engineering plastic PA+GF, the lampshade adopts injection of PC, lens hood adopts good quality stainless steel. Light hole of ‘+” type to make the light more focused. The signal light has the whole seal structure, it is waterproof under bad environment. Plug type is used to connect the lamp holder and the base, in which way it can replace the bulb when open the top cover. The signal light can work normally under the temperature of -30°C +55°C.  The  Marine Plastic Steering Light Specifications: Name Steering Light Model CXH7-21P Voltage/Power 24V-220V/30W Lamp holder BAY15D Material Plastic Protection Class IP56 Color of Light Blue Visibility 1n.m Remarks: The light is type "Z” .The external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire cannot be replaced; if the cord is damaged, the luminaire shell be destroyed

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What are the power capstan echnical realization elements

The purpose of the utility model is to provide an power  capstan to the field, so as to solve the technical problems of existing similar products with poor structure layout, large overall volume and poor reliability in use.Its purpose is achieved through the following technical scheme. A  power capstan, capstan  include the capstan bracket, motor housings, motor, rotor and winding drum, gear box, a planetary wheel parts, clutch components, motor housings, gear box are fixed in the power capstan bracket at both ends, motor fixed on the motor housings, planetary wheel positioning in the gear box, motor output transmission connection shaft, shaft drive connected to the gear box planetary wheel input, planetary wheel output terminal connected lifting cylinder, clutch components including the clutch handle, as well as with the clutch handle articulated, and turn over the clutch handle along the radial contractions in gear box lock lever,The components of the planetary wheel are provided ...

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What is an electric capstan ?

What is an electric capstan ? An electric capstan is a device used for traction, such as a winch, which is used for self - rescue and rescue in harsh conditions.The existing electric capstan is mainly composed of the motor, transmission shaft, planetary wheel reduction box, winch and other structures. Relying on the power between the planetary wheel reduction box and the motor and winch, the rope wound on the winch can generate greater traction force to realize the electric capstan traction function.In addition to the traction function, the electric capstan is usually equipped with a clutch mechanism in the planetary gear reducer, which is used to cut off the power connection between the motor and the winch, so as to facilitate the pulling operation of the winch rope.   Existing winch have this function, but on the interior space design still exist deficiencies, for example: motor generally includes a control and reversing the steering controller, when the motor is installed...

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