How to oprate a deck anchor capstan

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The operation of the deck anchor  capstan can be divided into three steps in a nutshell: installation, fixing of the fulcrum and dragging.

1. Installation.

The use of  the deck anchor capstan must, of course, begin with installation.Although not complex, but it is the most important step, because it is directly related to the next steps and the use of capstan effect.The most important thing is to pay attention to the condition of the noose drum wheel, before starting and throughout the use of the process to ensure the even winding of the noose.The specific installation process is as follows:

1. Insert the remote control.Insert the cable end of the remote control into the deck anchor capstan.

2. Don't let the remote control hang.The driver can operate the remote control from the driver's seat, wrapping the extra wiring around the rearview mirror on the side of the car, making it easier to work.

3, open the noose, use the remote control to release the noose and then open the noose hook installed on the side of the capstan.

4. Open the clutch.Be sure to open the hook before opening the clutch.

Hold the noose hook with your hand.Hold the hook with one hand as you pull the noose from the drum wheel. No matter how long you stretch the hinge, it will never reach the hook.

6. Lock the clutch after the hinge is placed on the fulcrum.the deck anchor capstan ready.

Second, fixed fulcrum.

If you want to pull the car forward, there must be a safe place to fix the fulcrum, and the fulcrum must be able to bear the full weight of the car.The basic rule is to pull straight in front of the car, not at an Angle.The most common fulcrum used in off-road driving is the tree.However, if the winch is used to rescue another trapped vehicle, the rescue vehicle can also be used as a fulcrum, but it must block the wheels from rolling, so that the rescue vehicle does not move.

No matter what kind of capstan is used, it cannot reach its full potential without secure protection.That is to say, fixing the fulcrum is a vital step in the use of a deck anchor capstan.

In the use of capstan, also need a strap to connect the capstan, fulcrum and noose hook and u-shaped lug.If the winch does not have enough power to drag the weight with a single line, you need to use two lines to enhance its strength, and also need a tight wire pulley.

There is also a point to pay attention to, use the tree as a fulcrum, to use the widest part of the tape, so as not to tape to damage trees in the tree skin, and must tape on both sides of the left and right tied on both sides of the sling ear, both sides of the tape length to the same.


The specific steps for winching are:

1. Check the drum wheel first.Before starting, make sure the noose is neatly wound around the drum wheel.

2, if the noose out, should prevent it from swinging back and forth.If the noose breaks, the swinging rope can be very dangerous.But, can avoid, put a mat to go up only in taut noose only.

3. Start towing. If you're driving your own car on the hinges, it's best to have someone outside to help you.The driver can operate the winch in the vehicle according to the instructions of the commander outside the vehicle.

4, if the noose is twisted together, be sure to pull it open.The noose is easily crossed or uneven on one side as it wraps around the drum.So pay close attention to its state.

Drag is completed when the car can walk freely.Once back on level ground, check the condition of vehicles and lines.If a vehicle can be driven without external force, the process of winching is over.

6. Wind up the noose.Tighten the noose and send it back carefully.If the noose is crossed or twisted on the drum wheel, it must be fully untied before rewinding.

7, finally put the hook.When the noose is last, tie the hook to the side of the deck anchor capstan.Then roll up the remaining bit of the noose and hold the hook down.

Remove the remote control.

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