What are the power capstan echnical realization elements

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The purpose of the utility model is to provide an power  capstan to the field, so as to solve the technical problems of existing similar products with poor structure layout, large overall volume and poor reliability in use.Its purpose is achieved through the following technical scheme.

A  power capstan, capstan  include the capstan bracket, motor housings, motor, rotor and winding drum, gear box, a planetary wheel parts, clutch components, motor housings, gear box are fixed in the power capstan bracket at both ends, motor fixed on the motor housings, planetary wheel positioning in the gear box, motor output transmission connection shaft, shaft drive connected to the gear box planetary wheel input, planetary wheel output terminal connected lifting cylinder, clutch components including the clutch handle, as well as with the clutch handle articulated, and turn over the clutch handle along the radial contractions in gear box lock lever,The components of the planetary wheel are provided with an outer gear ring that is positioned and rotated relative to the gear box, and the outer ring surface of the outer gear ring is provided with a locking groove that is matched with the locking rod for locking.Described its structure point is: motor housings in cone, and internal conical cavity formation, motor housings of cone head end connected to the power capstan bracket, cone-shaped cavity fixation described motor, motor steering controller is located at one end of the conical cavity near the capstan  bracket, and steering controller of conductive pin down the motor casing radial stretch out;A control circuit and a controller cover covering the control circuit are arranged above the power capstan bracket. One end of the controller cover is provided with a protective cover covering the conductive pin. The conductive pin is connected with the control circuit.

Through the above structure, steering controller of the motor by the motor housings in near the end location to the end position, and the cone shaped motor casing design and the layout structure, to adapt to the steering controller using controller cover protection cover will shift to the controller's shielding conductive pin, which not only has enough space for wiring operation, high reliability and wiring, not easy to appear circuit malfunction.At the same time, the protective cover sets the current indicator light, so that the protective cover not only has the function of protection, but also can observe the working state of the motor through the current indicator light, which is more convenient to use.

The power capstan  gear box is externally provided with a receiving seat for the clutch handle, and when the clutch handle is in an unturned state, only the end of the clutch handle shows the receiving seat.The misoperation of clutch handle can be reduced and the safety and reliability can be improved.

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