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Anchor yacht lift 24v

Except the gearbox, other parts are all stainless steel, fully waterproof and rustproof

Product Specification:

  • Line.speed 25m/min
  • Rope size 8-10mm
  • Max.pull 750kg
  • Weight 20kg
  • MOQ 1
  • Color customized
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Main parameter

Product describtion :



1.The fully sealed gearbox is driven by a vertically mounted, permanent magnet motor.

2.Gearbox housing are marine grade alloy.

3.Except the gearbox, other parts are all stainless steel, fully waterproof and rustproof.

4.The motor can be mounted at 30, 45 and 90 degrees to suit the configuration of the anchor well.

5.To protect the motor, the circuit breaker will trip out if there is a power overload (for example if the anchor is stuck on the bottom).

6.Easily disassembled for servicing.

7.Fit include hand-switch, solenoid, circuit breaker.

winch specifications:

Model   weight Power supply(DC) Motor(Watts) No load absorption Max.load Max.pull Line speed Rope size Chain size
JVW-010 9 12v/24v 400w  30A  120 320 30m/min 6mm 5-6mm
JVW-011 16 12v/24v 600w  50A  190 600 30m/min 6-8mm  5-6mm
JVW-012 20 12v/24v 1000w 90A 350 750 25m/min 8-10mm 6-8mm
JVW-013 30 12v/24v 1400w 120A 480 900 20m/min 10-14mm 8-10mm
JVW-014 43 12v/24v 1600w 135A 680 1200 20m/min 10-14mm -12mm
JVW-015 115 24v/48v 2500w 105A 980 1800 20m/min 24-30mm 10-13mm
JVW-010S 12 12v/24v 400w 30A 120 320 30m/min 6mm 5-6mm
JVW-011S 17.5 12v/24v 600w 50A 190 600 30m/min 6-8mm  5-6mm
JVW-012S 22 12v/24v 1000W  90A 350 750 25m/min 8-10mm 6-8mm
JVW-013S 35  12V/24V  1400W  120A 480 900 20m/min 10-14mm 8-10mm
JVW-014S 44 12V/24V 1600w  135A 680 1200 20m/min  10-14mm 8-10mm
JVW-015S 119  24V/48V 2500w  105A 900 1800 20m/min  24-30mm 10-13mm


Product show


boat anchor windlass  



I. Packaging Method: 
1. Wooden Case;

2. Iron Frame;

3.According to customers' request;

For different shipping methods and destinations, we will suggest different packaging. If you have any requirement for the packaging, please let me know during enquiry.

II. Shipping:
We offer our clients one-stop service.  The shipping tool can be by Express/ Air/ Sea/ Train. It depends on the destination of our products. And we will suggest you the min. cost and min. damage of the products


Our advantage


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Q1: Why we choose you?

  •   11 professional engineers can provide overall solution services.
  •   13 years specialising in marine deck equipment .
  •   18 long-term cooperation supporting factories.
  •   24 hours a day after-sale technical support .

Q2: What kind of payments do you accept?

T/T, L/C, Western Union, D/A, D/P, MoneyGram, Paypal etc..

Q3: How about the Delivery Time?

We could finish the production within 30 days 

Q4: What's the MOQ?

MOQ is 1 set.

Contact us


AdressXinke International Building, Qibo Center, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing, China

Tel/WhatsApp/Wechat: 008618623128311

Fax: 0086-23-68521827

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