How to Select customized boat anchor in the case of typhoon masterly

171 Published by admin 4月 15,2019

   Generally, ships will encounter a variety of different sea surface conditions when operating at sea. The choice of a good customized Boat anchor age is closely related to the prevention of Taiwan.

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  If there is a typhoon, it is best to choose a Customized Boat Anchor in the encircling harbor, or even though it is not an encircling harbor, there are mountains, islands or embankments around it as a barrier, which can block or partially block the maximum wind force and maximum surge of the typhoon. When selecting the customized boat anchor age, the maximum wind force with opposite wind directions will also be taken into account if the typhoon center passes through. In addition, when the boat is anchored near the mountain and water area, it should pay attention to avoid the "mountain wind" caused by the topography, which is commonly known as "falling mountain wind" in south China. Under the influence of the same wind force at the same time, the wind force in shuicheng with the phenomenon of "falling wind" is much stronger than that in the open water nearby.

  In addition, even in the same harbor, but because of the different topography and substrate of the customized boat anchor has a different effect of Taiwan defense. In July 1969, for example, a powerful typhoon no. 6903 after huiyang, guangdong province, has a team of inland river ships in Hong Kong due to according to the largest wind near the bottom topography and expected to always choose good Customized Boat Anchor , and when the typhoon comes to take the right measures in a timely manner, successfully resist the strong typhoon attack, obtained the victory of the typhoon. However, at the same time, some other ships in the same port failed to do so, resulting in a serious accident of capsizing under the attack of the typhoon. Under the same technical conditions, if the customized boat anchor is properly selected, the ship will be in a favorable position in the process of preventing Taiwan.

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