Three points about the ship anchor

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Three points about the ship anchor

(1) principles of deep-water anchoring when use the ship anchor and the  matters needing attention: generally, it is more appropriate to treat over 25 meters as deep-water anchoring.Anchoring the ship anchor  method: first pour out part of the chain with the windlass, and then cast the ship anchor with the brake.If the water is more than 50 meters deep, use the windlass to pour out the anchor chain to the bottom of the ship anchor, then the ship slowly back to enable the anchor claws, and then slowly loosen the chain or pour out all the required anchor chain.Due to the deep seabed data is not clear, often encounter large tilt, concave and convex, poor substrate, should try to avoid anchoring in the deep sea.And don't put too much faith in the depth indicated by the bathymeter, because the measuring point and anchoring point are not at the same point, the depth may be greatly different.(silver peng loses anchor in uae)

(2) pay attention to the value of ship anchor: you should always determine the ship anchor position and check the anchor chain, pay attention to the surrounding conditions, especially other ships and our ship position changes.When anchoring in turn current (wind), the anchor chains of both ship anchors should be prevented from winding each other.

(3) strictly enforce the regulations that the chief officer must command the bow of the ship when anchoring.(chief officer of "yinhua" and "yinpeng" were not at the scene of anchor loss.)

(10) when the wind is strong and the tide is strong, the master shall be prudent and necessary to operate the plan when anchoring, and shall be prepared to cast both ship anchors in case of emergency.When anchoring, the windlass and upper flow anchor should be thrown as far as possible to avoid the anchor chain crossing the bottom of the ship and increase the stress of the anchor chain, causing damage to the anchor chain and the windlass.(loss of anchor of yinhua ferry)

 frequently check windlass, brake belt, etc., and make necessary adjustments to the brake belt, especially to just replace the new brake belt, to maintain a good fit.

 Accurate use of chain stopper: chain stopper can only be used when anchoring, do not use it in navigation, otherwise the trouble will be endless.During the voyage, the windlass brake belt, safety wire rope or chain shall be used for fixing.Otherwise, the ship anchor and hull cannot fit well and damage anchor equipment and hull.

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