What is the defference between the ship winch and ship windlass

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The ship winch is usually used in warping winch, gangway, cargo winch, etc. It is usually electric.

Ship winch, is to use the reel winding wire rope or chain to lift or traction heavy lifting equipment (see lifting machinery), also known as the winch.Ship winch can be used alone, can also be used as lifting, road construction and mine lifting machinery components, because of the simple operation, large amount of rope winding, easy to move and widely used.ship winch

Ship Winch also known as winch.The product has the advantages of high versatility, compact structure, small volume, light weight, heavy lifting and easy transfer.There are two types of ship winches, manual and electric.A stop (ratchet wheel and pawl) is arranged on the drive mechanism of hand winch handle rotation to keep the weight in the required position.Safety handles and brakes shall also be provided for the manual winch used for assembling or lifting heavy objects.Hand winch is generally used in small lifting weight, poor facilities or no power supply.

electric capstan winch

Ship windlass is specialized in bringing home windlass, which is more powerful than general ship windlass. It is generally electro-hydraulic and has more auxiliary devices.

ship windlass is on board for taking in and releasing anchors and chains.Use manpower, steam engine, electric motor, hydraulic motor, etc., as power.Usually installed on the forecastle deck of a ship.Its development trend is to use one unit to carry out anchor lifting, mooring, automatic mooring and cabling operations.According to the driving form ship windlass can be divided into: manual, electric, hydraulic.



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