What is the standard ECDIS compose?

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What is the hardware and software about standard ECDIS include?


Standard ECDIS essentially consists of a Marine computer system 、corresponding sensors with high performance internal 、 external interfaces and conforming to IHO s-52 standard requirements.The core of the system is high speed CPU and large capacity of internal and external memory.The external storage capacity should be able to hold the whole ENC, ENC update data and SENC.

CPU, memory and memory capacity shall ensure that the time required to display an electronic chart shall not exceed 5s.In fact, with the rapid development of computer hardware technology and the reasonable design of SENC, it is completely possible to complete the display of an electronic chart within 1s.

The system display can be configured with one or more, and its size, color and resolution should meet the minimum requirements of IHO s-52 standard.No matter how many monitors are equipped, the minimum effective size of the chart display area shall be 270mm * 270mm, no less than 64 colors, and the pixel size shall be less than 0.312 mm.

Text can be displayed on the outside of the minimum area (270mm * 270mm) required by the same display chart, or a separate text display can be set up.Text display area or display is used to display navigation warning, route guide, navigation mark list and other navigation information.

Internal interface should include graphics card, sound card, hard disk and optical disc control card, etc.ENC and its correction data on cd-rom or floppy disk as well as the test data set used to test the performance of standard ECDIS can be directly recorded into the hard disk through the internal interface. Some manual plotting and notes conducted by ship pilots on electronic charts and the input of manual correction data of electronic charts can be realized by keyboard and mouse.The sound card connected with the speaker is used to realize voice alarm.

Hard copies of electronic charts and navigational states can be made available by printers for post-mortem analysis.Generally, the external interface is an intelligent interface with CPU, which guarantees to receive information from external sensors (such as GPS, compass, radar, AIS, log, depth sounder, anemometer, autopilot and other equipment) and send these information to the host according to a certain scheduling strategy.

The Marine communication equipment can not only receive the correction data of ENC automatically, realize the automatic update of electronic chart, but also receive other weather forecast data.

By connecting with other sensors, standard ECDIS can receive, parse, process and display various sensor data in text or graphics, thus providing integrated display of required information and effective decision support for seafarers.Positioning equipment (such as GPS, DGPS, etc.), gyro compass, speed and distance measurement equipment (such as log) are three types of sensors that must be connected with standard ECDIS as required by performance standards. For ships without gyro compass, the first direction sending device can be used instead.In addition, the performance standard also provides more detailed requirements for the connection between ECDIS and radar and AIS, but does not mandate the connection with these two types of sensors.In fact, many standard ECDIS products can be basically connected to major ship AIDS such as depth sounders, anemometers and autopilot.

Software component

The standard ECDIS software is the core of the ECDIS system. It should include the following basic functional modules:

1) chart information processing

ENC to SENC conversion software, electronic chart automatic and manual correction software, chart symbol database management software, navigation consulting information management software, electronic chart database management software, chart elements classification and coding system management software, user data management software.

2) electronic chart display system

Synthesis of electronic chart software (given display area, scale and projection method, search appropriate chart data and calculation of projection and tailoring generated graphics file), electronic chart display software (according to the graphics file called symbol library, draw the chart on the screen), electronic chart elements in search software, maritime consulting information display software.

3) route design

Manually draw and modify the planned route on the electronic chart, check the validity of the planned route, manage the experience (recommended) route database, and generate the sailing plan list (distance, speed, heading, sailing time, etc.).

4) sensor interface

Interface software for external devices (such as GPS, radar, AIS, compass, log, depth sounder, anemometer, satellite ship station, autopilot, etc.) and scheduling and integrated processing software for the information read from these sensors.

5) navigation monitoring

Calculate the distance of the ship deviating from the planned route, detect dangerous objects and shallow waters ahead of the voyage, hazard alarm and warning, etc.

6) voyage record

It is used to record the detailed information and navigation elements of the chart used during the voyage of the ship, and realize the function similar to "black box".

7) solving navigation problems

Ship position calculation, constant direction line and great circle navigation method calculation, distance and bearing calculation, land beacon positioning calculation, positive and negative solution calculation of geodetic problem, conversion between different geodetic coordinate systems, collision avoidance elements (CPA, TCPA) calculation, etc.

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