How do you think of this ship windlass

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Ship windlass :The deck of a ship heave an anchor, cast anchor, and double as a warping line. (including cable wheel)

 Ship windlass effect:

1)Mooring anchor: a ship must anchor at an anchorage while loading or unloading cargo, taking shelter from the wind, waiting for a berth, or during the hou chao. 

2) anchor for auxiliary ship control: in restricted waters, the anchor can be used to control the heading of the ship, control the ship's hull or reduce the speed of the ship by means of towing the anchor when turning or turning, and when berthing or leaving the ship. 

3) emergency anchor:

(1)Emergency, can drag anchor kill reduce ship speed, to avoid collision or reduce collision loss.

(2) accidental grounding, can delay the direction of shallow-off anchor cast, lay the anchor chain to help shallow-off.

(3) sailing in big waves, anchoring increases ship drift resistance, control the bow, auxiliary ship resistance big waves.

Ship windlass of Electric  (most widely used in ships at present) : dc electric, ac electric.

1) dc: good speed regulation, high efficiency, high initial cost, regular maintenance of the brush.

2) ac: poor speed regulation performance, usually can only have a level of speed change, depending on pole change or rely on a set of deceleration transmission mechanism between the motor and windlass to obtain a number of speed grades.

Ship windlass of Hydraulic (large, highly automated vessel)

It mainly relies on the hydraulic device to perform and control the action.

Hydraulic windlass is also called electro-hydraulic windlass because its hydraulic energy comes from the oil pump device driven by motor.

electric windlass


(1) it has good speed regulation performance comparable to that of dc electric windlass.

(2) usually USES the low speed big torque hydraulic motor, the speed is low, the output torque is big, no longer needs to set the huge mechanical reducer, can directly drive the anchor chain wheel.

(3) hydraulic transmission has self-braking performance.

(4) compact structure, small weight and size per unit power..

(5) easy to realize remote control and automation




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