What is the universal Automatic ldentification System Working Principle

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What is the universal  Automatic ldentification System  Working Principle?

The general universal  automatic ship identification system provides important and effective means of navigation aid and communication for ship navigation.Shipborne AIS equipment can automatically exchange navigation and ship data information with other ships and shore platforms to provide navigation safety.

ship AIS equipment

The common shipborne automatic identification system (UAIS) will be an important equipment for maritime identification, surveillance and communication in the 21st century.The core part of the system is the broadcast repeater.The core technology is high performance VHF wireless data link with self - organization capability.A ship equipped with AIS can automatically broadcast its own identification, position, speed and other information periodically in the VHF channel at sea, as well as receive and display the information of other surrounding ships.In coastal waters, this information can also be received and used by maritime traffic control centers (VTS) or maritime search and rescue centers (SAR).


Marine Universal Automatic ldentification System

the  Universal Automatic ldentification System from juvi marine machinery company  :

1.Meet the latest IMO regulation and ITU standards.

2.Compatible with AIS AtoN, AIS SART and MOB.

3.Built-in isolated PSU with wide range input.

4.Support all NEMA versions for GPS/HTG input.

5.High stability and easy maintenance.

6.Type approval with MED, CCS and VR.


Fully complying with the latest international regulations, IMO MSC 74 (69) , ITU M.1371-5, IEC 61993-2, etc.

Easy operation with graphic mode display and function keys.

Interface for RADAR, ECDIS, ECS, GYRO and external GPS equipment.




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