What is Voyage Data Recorder

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What is the Voyage Data Recorder .

Ship Voyage data recorder, flight records and ship the black box, the international maritime organisation is to meet the 1974 international convention on safety of life at sea (IMO Res., a. 861 (20)), on July 1, 2002 began forcing private data recording system of global Marine installations, as to carry on the plane's black box, used to help identify any Marine accident reason.The system collects data from various sensors on board, digitizes and compresses it, and stores it in an externally installed protective storage unit.The protective storage unit is a tamper-proof device and is designed to withstand extreme heat, shock, vibration and pressure associated with maritime disaster events (fire, explosion, collision, sinking, etc.).

GNSS Equipment Automatic ship identification system

When a ship is sinking in a maritime accident, the recovery of the protective storage unit can be divided into fixed unit or free floating unit (or combined with emergency indicator radio beacon).The voyage data recorder data stored in the protective storage unit is the last 12 hours (48 hours is the 2014 code msc.333 (90)) and can be recovered and re-read by the authorities or the owner for maritime investigation.In addition to the protective storage unit, the system has a record control unit and a data acquisition unit that are connected to various equipment and sensors on board.The new msc.333 (90) regulation also states that at least 30 days of recorded data must be kept internally (this may be within the record control unit, data acquisition unit, master electronic unit, depending on the manufacturer).While the primary purpose of the system is to investigate accidents after the fact, it can also be used for preventive maintenance, performance and efficiency monitoring, severe weather damage analysis, incident risk avoidance and training record data, among other purposes, to improve safety and reduce operating costs.

A simplified version of the shipborne voyage data recorder (s-vdr), as defined by imo msc.163 (78) performance standard requirements, is designed for small vessels and records only the basic data of the vessel at a lower cost.The requirement took effect on July 1, 2006.



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