What is the hydraulic winch ?

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What is the hydraulic winch ?

Hydraulic winch can according to customer required level of tension, line capacity, line speed, selection of installation position to design, and can according to customer's requirements to match the most suitable hydraulic motor, gear box, drum and other parameters, we can also provide customers configure rich variety of guide line, brake and hydraulic valve group, such as accessories, meet the functional requirements of different occasions.Hydraulic winch/winch has the characteristics of small size, compact structure, high reliability, high power density, hydraulic winch/winch is widely used in platform crane, car crane, rotary drilling rig, fault removal truck, pipe hoist, grab and all kinds of drilling machines and other engineering machinery equipment. 

Marine Voyage Data Recorder

Voyage Data Recorder

Electric winch/winch, electric winch/winch using range is very wide, it has a simple structure, good maintainability, the characteristics of high reliability, jining yuan rise of hydraulic winch power can reach 160 kw/winch motor, can according to customer requirements to match the different ratio of gear reducer, different diameter of roller, can match a variety of flexible drum or disc brakes, clutch, 12 v24v electric winch motor drag prices flat 3 tons of hydraulic winch hoist manufacturers can be used for a variety of special industrial environment, satisfies the requirement of industrial overloading and high reliability etc.  


A detail easily overlooked when installing winches:

Newly installed winch motor from the distance between the adit wall must ensure that 50 cm, which is half a metre distance, the winch motor, get too close to the adit wall will affect motor cooling, easy to cause the motor to burn out, say serious point, will threaten the life safety of the mine workers, even temporary winch to meticulously for installation, in accordance with the relevant provisions to ensure the security of winch using. 

boat capstan

capstan winch

The roadway and chamber where the small winch is installed should meet the design requirements and meet the requirements of hydraulic winch installation and driver operation space. The project quality must be excellent and good quality. There are no equipment and facilities nearby that will hinder the driver's operation, affect the operation of the winch and affect the driver's line of sight and attention.If the chamber cannot meet the requirements of dispatching winch installation, the installation may be refused. 


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